Check out what some of our customers have been saying about the Nipple Gauge:


The best $7 I ever spent.” – John from Miami, FL

“So much better than beads, and you don’t have to give it away!” – Billy-O from Corpus Christi, TX

“The stickers are AWESOME!!! Putting them on blows away just getting flashed!” – Rob from Athens, GA

“Very funny! I got gauged. It made my Mardi Gras. I had to buy one myself!” – Janine from San Diego, CA

“…once I gauged one of them, the other 3 girls wanted to be gauged too!” – Vin from Red Bank, NJ

“I never thought it would work in a NYC bar. Was I wrong!” – Brenner from Bayside, NY

“By the end of the night girls were asking ME to gauge them!” – Paulie from Valley Stream, NY

“…brought it to a pool party. By nightfall we were all skinny dipping! Thank you Nipplegauge.com!!!!!!!!!” – Ed from Hermosa Beach, CA

“She went from: ‘You’re not doing that to me!’ to ‘I can’t believe I’m GRANDES!’ in 30 minutes!!” – Joe from Metairie, LA

“Took it to a strip club for my friends Bachelor Party and the bouncers didn’t even care that we were stickering the girls. They thought it was hilarious!” – Doug from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I already gauged half of the girls in my dorm – and I’m working on the rest…” – Ron from Tempe, AZ

“I gauged a Bachelorette last night. Once I showed it to her friends, they made her do it! GREAT invention!!!” – Mike from Henderson, NV

“I’m 42 and I gauged a 19 year old yesterday. This thing really works!” – James, Lake Havasu, AZ

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