What do you think I am?

While walking back from a meeting with a store owner in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, we ran into a group of guys and girls who noticed our “Let Me Gauge You” shirts and asked what they meant. We were happy to explain it to them and offered this hottie a free tee-shirt if she’d be willing to be on our website.

She agreed, and were we ever pleased with the result!

The video is a little grainy, (it was pitch black out) but it’s a perfect example of the curiosity the Nipple Gauge can spark in a girl…

A little camera shy.

As we were heading out to promote the Nipple Gauge one night, the woman behind the front desk of our hotel told us to “Call this number – there’s a girl interested in your product.”

We of course gave her a call and she was in our hotel lobby five minutes later! After checking out the gauge and guessing her nipple size (incorrectly, I might add) she wanted to be gauged, and we obliged. Then she noticed our “I Got Gauged” baby tees and asked how she could get one.

You know how this ends… We ducked into the lobby bathroom and proceeded to gauge her on camera but she got a little shy. Since she had such an amazing body we decided to keep her political future alive and just shoot this beauty from the neck down…

More Videos Coming Soon!



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